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Cholesterol Medicine CRESTOR® (rosuvastatin calcium)

Information about CRESTOR® (rosuvastatin calcium), a prescription cholesterol medicine that helps lower LDL cholesterol when diet and exercise alone are not enough. Medicare eligible …

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Side Effects of CRESTOR® (rosuvastatin calcium)

Feel unusually tired. Have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. These could be signs of rare but serious side effects. Elevated blood sugar levels have …

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Crestor Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Pictures

Find patient medical information for Crestor oral on WebMD including its uses, side effects and safety, interactions, pictures, warnings and user ratings.

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Crestor Interactions with Other Medication - WebMD

Does Crestor Interact with other Medications? Severe Interactions . These medications are not usually taken together. Consult your healthcare professional (e.g., doctor or pharmacist) for …

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Crestor (Rosuvastatin Calcium): Uses, Dosage, Side Effects - RxList

What is Crestor and how is it used? Crestor is a prescription medicine used to lower LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) and triglycerides in the blood, slow the progression of …

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Crestor Drug Interactions (Rosuvastatin) -

Crestor (Rosuvastatin) is a statin drug prescribed by physicians that studies reveal helps to lower a person’s cholesterol levels some 45 to 65 percent. It is the most potent of statin drugs. …

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Rosuvastatin (Crestor): Basics, Side Effects & Reviews

Learn about rosuvastatin (Crestor), potential side effects, proper use and dosing, and popular alternatives. Read reviews from GoodRx users who have taken rosuvastatin (Crestor) and …

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Crestor Prices, Coupons & Savings Tips - GoodRx

Rosuvastatin (Crestor) is an inexpensive drug used to lower cholesterol levels. It is slightly less popular than other statins. It is available in brand and generic versions. Generic rosuvastatin is …

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Alcohol and Drugs North Bergen NJ - alcohol and drugs, North …

What are alcohol and drugs doing to you? You had a big test but were too hungover to think clearly. You were supposed to meet a friend for dinner but had a few too many cocktails and …

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Drug Testing Locations North Bergen, NJ (800) 221-4291

Same day service is available and testing centers are within minutes of your home or office. (800) 221-4291. Schedule Your Test. Tests are administered utilizing urine, oral/ saliva, hair follicle, …

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